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How it all began...

Ambitious. Determined. Hard-working. Those three words describe how I go through life. I'm Graham, CEO of Macon Clients. I started this company at 17 and have faced many adversities, such as a pandemic. Since then, I have remained diligent in my pursuit to succeed while consistently holding true to who I am and what this company represents. The idea for my business came to me one day when I thought, "Who better to run companies' social media accounts than someone who has quite literally grown up on social media their entire life?" So here we are today. Macon Clients is helping companies with all their social media and internet marketing needs by someone who has been trained since birth and has sought further education on how to integrate their knowledge into business.


Being founded in Macon, Georgia, is where the name Macon Clients took inspiration. The goal is in our name. We want to bring your company more clients and help you grow your business as a whole. While that takes shape as our primary goal, it is not the only one. We want to build business relationships and personal relationships so that you can do business with someone you trust. In today's society, everyone could use a friendly handshake and smile now and then. This personal aspect is why our website utilizes personal pronouns to make it feel a little more personal and honest. We will remain diligent in striving to be the best for you. Now, let's get to work!



While Macon Clients may have started in Macon, Georgia, we have plans of expanding far past that. Our goal is to help you grow; moreover, in doing so, we hope to grow too. We plan to build a strong-willed team determined to succeed, allowing expansion to the state level and the national and international levels as well. We strive for success to enable us to give back. You can't give what you don't have; therefore, once we have scaled large enough, we plan to give back to those less fortunate and show the love of Christ to all by sponsoring a non-profit charity. Let's achieve our dreams together today!