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Macon Clients provides a wide range of social media marketing and internet marketing services aimed at serving each client by using specific optimizing strategies based on their goals and their industry. We look forward to helping you find your brand’s unique voice utilizing a variety of many different social platforms and services offered below.


Pricing Packages

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The New Business Starter Pack best fits small businesses, those who are just getting started online, as well as those who are looking for website creation and to begin getting their brand out there on the major social platforms.

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The Social Media Management Bundle is good for all businesses. Whether you're a new business and looking at getting started on social media, or an old company looking to take the social media world by storm, Macon Clients has got you covered with fan pages on: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest & VSCO.

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The Web Wizard Pack is excellent for businesses looking to further their presence on Google. Website development accompanied by search engine optimization and Google ads is a sure fire way to get notable internet traction.

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The Conversion Ad Pack focuses on increasing a company's revenue through ad-usage. This package is best for those who have a well-established social media presence and search for innovative ways to advance their e-marketing to the next level. These methods include Google Ads, monthly reports and meetings, email marketing, SMS marketing, and ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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The Super Scaler Bundle is ideally for those who are looking to take advantage of all we have to offer and really invest what is needed into internet marketing to see the most desired results. These methods include search engine optimization, fan pages on every social platform listed above, Google ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, and ads on Facebook and Instagram, as well as monthly reports and meetings. This is the best package we have!

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