Web Wizard Pack

Website Development

  • Website Optimization

  • Website Creation/Design/ Management

  • Domain Name Creation and Linking

  • Domain Name Security

  • Introduction to Brand Storytelling

  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization

  • Article/Script Writing and Creation

Meetings & Reports

  • Detailed Performance Reporting

  • Public Relations Opportunities

  • Monthly or Bi-Monthly Meetings in Person or Over Call

  • Business Development Strategy and Infrastructure Scaling

  • Research and Study on Evolving and Innovative Social Medians

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Measurement and Monitoring

  • Strategy Development 

Search Engine Optimization

  • On and Off-Page Optimization

  • Keyword Research

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  • Link buildings

  • Blog posting

Google Advertising

  • Article/Script Writing and Creation

  • Content Engagement Campaigns (drive traffic to blogs, videos, offers, etc)

  • Google Display Network and Remarketing Geo-Targeting

  • Google PPC Ad Campaigns Optimized for Conversion

  • Follow-Up Campaigns with the Intent to Close Leads or Schedule Appointments

  • Maintenance and Monitoring Every Other Day for Optimization

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*The Web Wizard Pack is excellent for businesses looking to further their presence on Google. Website development accompanied by search engine optimization and Google ads is a sure fire way to get internet traction.